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Charity Donations

Every sale made from Lottie Long Legs Cards supports GWP Rescue charities both in the UK and abroad. And there are also special cards where donations are made to other charities related to the card subject as well. You can learn more about the charities we support below.

The German Wirehaired Pointer Club + Rescue - UK + Ireland

This is a voluntary, non profit organisation that helps German Wirehaired Pointers in need and supports owners with help and advice in the UK.

National German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue - USA

A rescue supporting German Wirehaired Pointers in need, offering fostering, medical care, training and rehoming, all undertaken by a team of volunteers. Lottie’s page gets fabulous support from the USA and this is a good way to give back.

Pointer Rescue Serbia

A non-profit organisation raising funds for veterinary care, fostering and rehoming in the UK. These hunt and retrieve dogs are discarded and often left to starve to death or sent to kill shelters once surplus to the requirements of the hunters in Serbia.

Rehoming Cyprus Pointers

A non-profit organisation helping hunt and retrieve dogs abandoned in Cyprus and left to fend for themselves. This is something I have seen first hand while holidaying in Cyprus and it had such an impact on me there was no doubt that this would be one of my permanent rescues.

Bedlington Terrier Rescue

A UK non-profit organisation helping to rescue, foster and re-home Bedlington Terriers within the UK. I am an avid Terrier lover and this is the first Terrier organisation to join my supported rescues.

Irish Terrier Rescue UK

A non-profit organisation in the UK helping these lovely terriers get their forever homes.

British Hen Welfare Trust

This is a national UK charity that re-homes commercial chickens and educates the public on hen welfare.

The Racehorse Sanctuary

A non-profit organisation helping re-school and re-home ex-racehorses and neglected thoroughbreds. I have an ex-racehorse of my own, and I can see how his early years have taken a toll on his skeleton and muscles. A lot are unwanted if they are not fit for a more energetic home, luckily my boy goes out for a little walk and trot, gets a regular massage and mostly just eats!

The Royal British Legion

A charity supporting the Armed Forces community throughout their whole lives. I’m giving to those who have given so much to us particularly through my Poppy Series artwork.

Pawprints to Freedom

An organisation helping rescue dogs from Romania and the UK and place them in foster and adoption homes.