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I Don’t Like Fairies!


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Day Four of our walk.

Today we went back to Cowes, parked up and walked to another FAIRY ! We had to get a ticket from a machine and walk onto it when it made it to our side of Cowes. We found a seat and waited, but then all of a sudden there was an almighty clunk of the heavy chain used to move it from one side to the other! I leaped onto Dad’s lap (much to his joy!) but thankfully it wasn’t a long journey.

Soon we were walking out of East Cowes and past the entrance to Osbourne House (Queen Victoria’s holiday home) and then we were on a nice quiet lane on our way to Whippingham through to Wootton Bridge. We were hoping for cake but couldn’t find anywhere so we carried on to Fishbourne where we had originally got off the big FAIRY!

We had a fabulous find just a little further on – Quarr Abbey, which is a beautiful place with a peaceful garden and a super coffee shop. Mum had a piece of dark mint chocolate cake, we didn’t get any, because Mum says we are not allowed chocolate. However, Dad reluctantly gave us a bit of his lemon drizzle cake. The garden was full of birds, lots of blue tits and robins, and a little robin kept popping on the table for crumbs.

We sat sat peacefully for a little while until we decided we ought to crack on, so we walked along a pretty shale path, past a posh golf club and soon we were at our destination of Ryde. We caught the bus back to East Cowes to get the dreaded chain FAIRY again by which time I was frazzled and jumped back on Dad’s lap for a reassuring cuddle.



Anyway bye for now.


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