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Mum Does a Funny Dance


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Today is the first day of autumn ? lovely a bit cooler!

Mum got early and took us out so Dad could get on with his bike ride, Mum went to exercise Mr Moo and soon after she came back so did Dad. Once they were washed and changed we set off for a nice walk in the wolds and it was still warm enough to top up Mum’s walkers tan!

We parked in Goulceby and set off through Ranby passing lots of signs of early autumn leaves. ? Berries galore everywhere and lots and lots of red currants, shiny and plump ripe for the picking. Then we went onwards through Sotby meadows overseen by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

Soon we were able to take a dip in the river Bain where mum took a nice photo of me and Twig, Dad saw a kingfisher and Mum spotted a buzzard on a distant bail. We could also see the cathedral in the distance.

We walked back through Ranby past a house Mum liked last year (pinning her hopes on a lottery win). Then it started raining really heavy, we sheltered for a little while under some trees but we had to get going as Mum was crossing her legs and doing a funny dance!

The rain stopped and we went on to Asterby where we had a dip in a lake, Dad took us on a footpath that was full of stinging nettles and Mum’s legs are still tingling! Oh no it’s raining again, which just stopped as we got back to Goulceby.

We popped in the village gala on at the pub for a nosey, some ladies who I think had been there a while too long on the pop shouted, ‘Ooh wet dogs, Ooh wet people, Oh aye are you entering the wet t-shirt competition?’ they said to Mum who quickly grabbed Dad’s map to hold in front of her.

Dad got in the barbecue queue and while we were waiting a lady asked my Mum if we wanted to come and watch the gun dog demonstration, she said we might learn something  as I sat there as good as gold! UMPH !

We got cake and went on our way.

Anyway bye for now.


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