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Donkeys & Bad Cat Singing


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Road trip!

Today we went to Saunton Sands for a run on the beach. Mum spotted the famous hotel at the top and oohed a lot over the architecture!

We also had to put up with Mum singing to the Beach Boys all the way there. I said to Twig, “Next door’s cat could sing better!”

In other news, Twig trod on a jellyfish, but thankfully she didn’t get stung, I was half thinking I might have to wee on her paw if she had!

Then Mum and Dad had a quick cappuccino and bap, and we even got a sausage!!!! #todaywasagoodday

After that it was back in the van, off to somewhere else – ooh Clovelly !

Mum said she couldn’t believe it was £7.50 each to walk in a village that the coast path went through as we discovered half way through our walk – I honestly didn’t think we are going to hear the end of this! Nevertheless we had a nice walk with 6 more kissing gates which meant 6 more kisses on the nose for Mum!

When we got back to Clovelly Mum discovered some donkeys and spent a long time cuddling them! I don’t mind admitting I got just a little jealous!

But that didn’t last long as we also got an extra treat of some prosciutto ham because Mum only wanted the goats cheese and sun blush tomatoes in her sandwich. And as a bonus the nice lady at the Cottage Tea Rooms gave us lots of fuss!

Now we are watching the football – COME ON ENGLAND???????

Love for now.



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