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Kisses & Crab Sandwiches


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It appears we are in Combe Martin, which is in North Devon.

As it’s Sunday and I’m on holiday I thought I might get a sausage for breakfast, but Mum says I have to have a light breakfast ready for a days walking, BAH HUMBUG!

So off we set to walk to Ilfracombe via a beautiful village called Berrynarbor and through the Sterridge Valley

Mum saw a pretty horse on the way there, and she went up to it and gave it a kiss on the nose. Dad then gave Mum a kiss on the nose at the kissing gate! I did think about kissing Twig to join in the fun but she’d been eating sheep poo! Ewwww!

When we got to Ilfracombe we had a walk round and we saw some vintage buses, some steampunk people and a really awful Damien Hurst statue in the harbour.

We carried on walking to Watermouth Bay where Mum and Dad had crab sandwiches for lunch and we got some too! I spat mine out and Twig gobbled mine up too – she’s so greedy!
The nice lady at the cafe gave us a biscuit and Dad gave me a chunk of his cake as Mum said we had walked a long way and deserved it!

Love for now.



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